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Holistic Child Development

"Holistic"—that's not just a fashionable word but the key to long-term development and transformation in the lives of children, families and societies.

Children are not simply "malnourished kids" or "socially marginalized kids" or "kids without education". Children have a variety of physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual needs. Often children develop fine in one aspect but remain behind in other areas. All of these needs must be addressed equally so that real, long-term development can take place.

Related to this is the understanding that to really solve a problem long-term, it can't just be addressed on the surface but must be seized at the root. When a child is slow in learning, this may be due more to insufficient nutrition than lack of learning. A child who has trouble getting along with his or her classmates may not be deficient in social skills but be suffering from a deeper psychological need and needs to be helped with great care and sensitivity. Body, soul and spirit must develop equally to allow the whole person to be healthy.

That's why all child development programs of Helping Hands & partners concentrate on holistic child development. Education, nutrition and health care as well as social, cultural and spiritual activities are part of the regular program of all child development centres and other child development programs. In addition to that, child development programs also address the child's surroundings: their family, community, and society. That effects real transformation!

In our picture gallery "child development centres" you can see just what "holistic development" looks like for CDC kids! Or read stories of what the kids themselves tell about their experiences in our kids' programs.