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Investing in the Future

Children … honest, innocent, in need of love.

Children – vulnerable, helpless, exploited?

Children: Future. Future of families. Of society. Of the nation.

Without children, development aid will not be able to effect lasting change. Helping Hands and their partners believe: Successful development work needs to invest into children, into their future and that of their country.

Most Helping Hands development projects are structured around child development, usually in the form of child development centres (CDCs) or "child-focussed community development". In these projects the parents, the community and the whole society are touched and transformed through the children and child development ministries. All projects also emphasize holistic development: helping the children not just in one aspect of their lives, but addressing all of their needs.

Child development projects are primarily funded through sponsorships for individual children that attend a CDC or through support of an entire CDC. In South Asia, Helping Hands' local partners are running 150–200 CDCs; sponsored children and CDCs are also supported in several African countries and the Middle East.