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Romanian boy
Beni's Story

For more than a decade, "Veritas" (http://www.veritas.ro/) has served people in Sighisoara, Romania, and effected positive transformation through social services, education and crosscultural exchange. Veritas is a Christian organization and founded on the conviction that all people are children of God and have similar needs and unique potential. Veritas is currently offering the following programs: Pre-school and Kids' Clubs for needy Roma children, elderly clubs and home visits with elderly citizens, programs for children with special needs, programs against domestic violence, various educational programs and an international coffee shop.

Veritas is run by Helping Hands' Romanian partner. About a third of the Christmas parcels that Helping Hands sends to Romania in the annual Christmas shipment are given to people in Veritas programs.

In the following video you can see and hear how Veritas offers hope to Romanian families and effects positive transformation. Listen to the story from Beni's point of view!

NCM Beni's Story from Global Communications on Vimeo.

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