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women care for newly planted tree saplings
Awareness Raising

Effective and lasting development and transformation strongly depends on a changed awareness, for poverty is not just an economic condition but is also rooted in the mind and emotions. Training sessions and initial support and supervision majorly contribute to the long-term effectiveness of investments (e.g. through micro credit), the sustainability of projects and their chance of becoming self-supporting.

In all Helping Hands projects, regular awareness trainings are offered, for children in schools and child development centres as well as for adults. The sessions are conducted by trained staff of local partners or by outside experts on specific topics.

The trainings include health awareness, information about diseases such as HIV/AIDS, hygiene awareness and family planning, a healthy nutrition and drug awareness, but also women's rights and human rights, social justice, environmental awareness and peacebuilding. Often these awareness sessions have "practical" aspects; as for example in projects that include tree plantation or emphasize the environmentally conscious disposal or recycling of project materials. In this way Helping Hands and their partners do not only effect change in this generation but influence society on a long-term basis.