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Bangladeshi women learn to read and write
Education and Vocational Training

In several of the regions where Helping Hands projects are located, adult literacy lies only between 50 and 70% (source: UNESCO 2013). But even the people that are considered "literate" can often just sign their name, and very many of the people we and our partners serve are functionally illiterate.

But even the most basic reading and writing skills can be the gateway towards a raised living standard and a future with hope. That's why Helping Hands and their partners offer a variety of education programs for children, young people and adults, especially women.

Education programs for children include regular school education or homework help and tuition in child development centres. Several hundreds of these programs are currently run by our partners. Many projects offer literacy programs for adults (also e.g. as part of self-help groups). A number of vocational training centres equip young people and adults in tailoring, carpentry, computers or other skills. These programs enable individuals to become independent and have radically changed many families.

Besides basic education, these programs usually include awareness raising sessions about social topics as well as nutritious meals and health care in schools or CDCs.