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children in a Sri Lankan CDC
Holistic Programs

Helping Hands and their partners don't just want to assist people on a short-term basis but transform lives in a long-term manner. That happens in so-called "holistic programs": projects that integrate all aspects of development and address the whole person with their physical, mental and spiritual needs. All projects are designed holistically as far as possible. Currently this is primarily done through child development centres, a form of child-focussed community development.

Holistic development emphasizes social transformation and empowers people to help themselves instead of becoming or remaining dependent. All programs are locally organized and the local population is fully involved in planning, implementing and monitoring the project.

Community development programs, child development centres and other holistic programs include, among other things, regular awareness raising sessions about social issues such as women's rights and human rights, social justice, environmental awareness and drug awareness. In all projects Helping Hands empowers and trains local leaders and staff for independent and sustainable work.