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young Indians with posters against child labour
Women's Issues and Human Rights

In many countries women are still heavily disadvantaged and often abused and exploited. Fighting this inequality is vital not just for their sake, but also because women and mothers are the most important mediators of development between this generation and the next. In addition, women are often more capable of using financial resources in such a way that the well-being of the family is kept in focus.

That's why many aspects of Helping Hands projects are specifically designed to focus on women. In self-help groups women can become independent and receive a better social status. Through vocational training and micro enterprises they have the opportunity of earning their own salary and thus improve their families' living standard and send their children to school. In awareness raising sessions women's rights and human rights are addressed and beneficiaries become agents of social change. Children in child development centres are also made aware of their rights and social issues like dowry, early marriage and abuse.

Helping Hands is also involved with other social and human rights issues, including social justice and peacebuilding. Especially in political conflict areas like Eastern and Northern Sri Lanka and Northeastern Pakistan, trainings and activities focusing on these issues are an important aspect of disaster response and development projects.