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people loading boxes onto a lorry
Helping Hands at Home

"What we like about Helping Hands is that we know: what we donate will arrive where it's needed!"

That's what a lot of people say who drop off aid items with us—children's clothes, toys, shoes and many other things. And these items really do arrive where they're needed, as our Bulgarian and Romanian colleagues tell us excitedly every time we send a shipment.

Helping Hands organizes shipments with Christmas parcels, school packs and aid supplies to Eastern European countries (currently only Bulgaria and Romania) on an annual basis (usually in December). Items are accepted throughout the year. The aid supplies are then sorted and packed and finally have to be loaded onto the truck that will take them East—many helping hands are needed to manage this endeavour. Please contact us if you are interested in supporting the shipment in this way!

A number of other activities require helping hands, such as different jobs in the office, for example mailshots. A lot of churches or groups organize different fundraising events (see below) where you can support various projects actively or financially.

If you're interested in helping with any of these events or activities and would like to receive more information, please call us (+49 6051 832892) or send an email to info@helpinghandsev.org.



Churches of the Nazarene in Germany regularly arrange a variety of fundraising events and activities. Some examples are given below. If you would like to plan a similar event with your church, club or group of friends and need more information or creative ideas, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Clicking on the name of the fundraiser or the picture will take you to a German page with additional information about this type of event.


racetrack; © 2010 Christian BangertJoggathon: Running for a good cause! No matter if you're a runner or a sponsor, everyone can get involved! Participants run or walk as far as they can in a certain period of time (usually one hour), while sponsors support them with a promised amount of money per lap or kilometre. The raised funds then support a project locally or abroad, e.g. assistance for AIDS victims in Africa, a kindergarten in Albania or help for homeless people in German cities.

Christmas bazaar

people buying Christmas itemsIn the Church of the Nazarene in Gelnhausen, Germany, it's become tradition: the annual Christmas bazaar for missions, with a large and diverse offer of handmade items, including handmade clothing, decorations, woodwork, jewellery, candles, baked goods, jam, advent wreaths and many other beautiful or useful things. The proceeds support development projects of Helping Hands' partners in different countries.

Christmas projects

children drinking milkGiving gifts at Christmas time—nothing less is expected in most families in the Western world. But why not share the joy of Christmas with others? A number of Nazarene churches in Germany have made this a habit: Every Christmas Eve service, they uplift a special offering that supports a development project abroad. Helping Hands makes material available for this purpose in October every year; churches can usually choose from three projects in different countries.