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School Packs

Forgot your pen? The pencil isn't sharpened? No empty page left in the notebook? No problem: Borrow a pen from your neighbour and go buy a new notebook in the afternoon!
For a lot of school kids, it's not that easy. For many of them, items like pens, sharpeners and erasers are a luxury. A pack with school materials is a great gift for them! You can help put smiles on their faces!

School packs are sent to Romania and Bulgaria as part of the Christmas shipment in December every year.

Contents of one "School Pack":

2 pencils
1 pencil sharpener
1 eraser
1 ruler
1 ink pen
1 A4 exercise book
1 A5 exercise book

You're also welcome to add colouring pencils, felt-tip pens/markers or other school materials. Please pack these separately. All items should be new but do not need to be brand names.

Please put the items in a transparent envelope or a large freezer bag and add €/£ 0.50 for transport!

Please drop off your school pack(s) here: Helping Hands & Church of the Nazarene, Frankfurter Straße 16, 63571 Gelnhausen, Germany

Drop-off deadline: You can collect these items the whole year round! The drop-off deadline is 15th November of every year.