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If you'd like to receive current news and updates about Helping Hands or our projects, please contact us by phone or email or visit the German version of this website.


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To assist and empower the needy and transform lives and whole communities—that's what Helping Hands & partners are doing in a variety of pro­jects in different countries. But these projects are dependent on financial resources. The German "Central Institute for Social Affairs" certifies that your donation to Helping Hands is used in the desig­nated way. Find out which projects need your support!


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You'd like to invest into other people's lives, not just financially, but by lending a "helping hand"? Then join us for a variety of activities that help raise awareness or funds or simply take care of jobs that need to get done. Why don't you become a Shadow Rider or take part in another exciting fundraiser, help pack and load Christmas parcels, go on adventures …? Find out how you can get involved!


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Thousands of individuals' lives, families and communities have been transformed in projects implemented by Helping Hands & partners. Some of these people would like to share their story with you. You can read about children who have been helped in child development projects and about individuals and families who received assistance in disasters or benefitted from development projects in different countries.


Helping Hands e.V. is a non-profit charitable society and has been active in develop­ment and disaster response (esp. child development) since 1992. We imitate Christ and his compassion in serving the poorest of the poor with Christian love and care. Our projects are implemented through local NGOs; we emphasize cultural relevance and local ownership and participation.
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